RagWing RW11 Rag-A-Bond

The RW11 is an affordable homebuilt aircraft from RagWing designed to be a replica of the Vagabond. This plane is  LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)  legal. It is a great plane that is also affordable for the average person with plans that only cost $50 and an estimated completed cost of only $8K to $15K. The beginner build time for this plane is only about 600 hrs. It has a cruise speed of 78 m.p.h and a stall speed of 38 m.p.h. It also has a range of 280+ s.m. and a rate of climb of 525 feet per minute. Takeoff distance is 310 ft. and landing distance is 475 ft. It uses a Rotax 503 engine. The HP ranges from 52-100. Its tank can also hold 10+ gallons. Empty weight is 420 lb. and gross is 850 lb. Length: 18 ft., Wingspan: 28 ft., Wing Area: 123.8 square ft., Number of seats: 2, Cockpit width: 40 in., Landing gear: tailwheel, Building materials: Wood and Fabric.

I, myself am looking at getting one of these planes and highly recommend it to others who are thinking about becoming a pilot. With the RW11 almost anyone can become a pilot and not have to worry about the price factor being an issue. If you are interested about becoming an owner of a RW11 or have any further questions about this airplane go onto ragwing.net.

sources: ragwing.net and the 25th anniversary volume of Kitplanes magazine


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